The What and Why of Confirmation

The biblical basis for our confessional practice at Mount Calvary
Certain practices in Christian congregations often seem strange to people if not explained. So let’s explain the act or rite of “confirmation”.

The word confirmation means “to confirm/confess/make firm,” as in letting cement set to become hard or firm. Every religion has its own specific beliefs - standards that they teach/believe to be true and unmovable. At Mount Calvary our standards are drawn from the Bible, which we regard to be God’s Holy Word.

The sixth book of the Bible’s New Testament is called Romans. In Chapter 10, verse 9, we read: “If you confess [confirm] with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

So in the act of confirmation, persons who wish to become members of the Christian faith — and also members of our Christian family of believers here at Mount Calvary — are asked to make a public confession of the truths of the Bible, in line with the two faith-points demanded in Romans 10:9.

At Mount Calvary, the sum total of these most important Bible truths are found condensed in Luther’s Small Catechism. Recently, 4 of our young children were Confirmed on May 23 2021 at Mt Calvary Lutheran Church:

Mirim Sarran

12 yrs
Josiah Machnica
11 yrs
Samuel Sarran
9 yrs
Noah Machnica
9 yrs

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