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Pic 03 Optimum Links Communications is a partner company of Matrix247 and City Fires Mentoring (cityfires.org).

After working for many years as a Telecommunications Researcher, Regulator, Engineer/Project Manager and latterly also as a Web Developer, Hilton McAllister now teams up with an amazing North West firm with over 27 years of experience called Matrix247 (matrix247.com) to bring you an optimal communications experience - in other words, best value at lowest cost. Utilizing market forces to depress prices and leading edge technology to maximize benefits, a best of business communications experience is really now just one phone call away.

Pic 03 Optimum Links Communications provides consultancy in Telecommunications Regulation for emerging Telecommunication Administrations. Hilton McAllister now teams up with partners to provide the best advice to companies and regulators on the impact of specific telecommunication regulations.